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Try a Thing! (Poem)

You will never know what your made of, or the power of your essence, if you never try a thing
One day I will say that I succeeded because I wasn’t afraid to fail
My faith in my higher power makes it so I can manifest a reality that I can live with and be proud of
believe in yourself and love yourself that is how you can continue to reach personal heights…

Why Blog?

First, before I can say exactly why I am blogging, you must ask yourself why you are reading these words. That is exactly why blogging works. You get to build connections in ways that display your personality. Sure your not going to get the full gist of a blogger by just reading one post, but by becoming an avid poster, you start to gain an audience that feels a genuine connection to your words.
Why blog? I blog because I want to have a voice that resounds, I blog because I want to expand my network, and express my points of view. I blog to get noticed. Yes I said it, I want to bring attention to my poetry and my works of literature. I have been building a network on Instagram called @iammepoetry and I just want to grow a brand that my father and mother can be proud of. I want to help all of the less fortunate and since I am included in that multitude, if my only contribution to this lifetime, are pretty words that rhyme, or stories that teach lesson I guess that’s why blog. Someone once said to me what you think you can change the world? I believe I can One word at time.