Need a rough draft editor?

I want to read your work. Please submit poetry, essays, blog post, etc.. and I will do a quick edit for you. All services free of charge if you register to or if you become a monetary contributor. I love reading and writing, and editing comes naturally, feel free to create without the pressure of editing then let iammepoetry be the next step, take advantage of this musing center and of the editing feature! Email to get whatsapp contact info and thank you for choosing iammepoetry as your editing writing tool! If you are already registered you can always message me @iammepoetry to get your free edit 😊. Visit our monetary contributors page to show gratitude and thank you for choosing!


I would like to thank everyone that has taken time to read my blog post on wordpress. I am grateful for your attention. That being said I have not stopped posting. I have actually created a platform for poets, writers, musicians, youtubers, artist of any genre to come interact on an online community musing center. come make an account and tell your friends to join you! I am open to suggestions and feedback about how you interact with Lets all live together in peace creating art. My user name on is @Mel I look forward to meeting you all on the site!