Why We Love Babies!

Ever wonder why people love newborn babies so much? Even some of the toughest guys go awwww when a baby is in their arms. Babies are lifeforms that have just arrived from source. So they carry a force that can uplift our souls. Showing care and love for a child
Always makes me tingle inside. Especially when they are so defenseless they are precious treasures we must nurture and protect!. So if you have loved ones that have recently given birth go hold a baby in your arms and see what a human is worth. If you are a mom that just gave birth know that you have shown just how powerful you are!  No amount of money can buy a soul, yet you just birthed one, see the royalty in that. Babies are souls that have not been corrupted, they exude love and we can learn about creation through the act of loving newborn life.


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