Families Always Make Up Before Bed!

What did having kids do to me? Having kids made me think about love all the time. I know that love is the only thing that can bond my family. The vibrations within a household affect everyone who resides in the home. If one person has bad attitude it affects the structure of the family’s happiness. How can we ensure that all family members stay on a vibe that suits everyone? It is by creating forms of outlets that allow the individual to express their emotions in a safe and efficient manner. Knowing that someone cares about the way we feel and is actively doing something about it is important to build strong family ties. What can I do as a parent to  help my children to get along? Its not always easy as we speak and the words leave our lips and hit another person’s ear drum, we must deal with their reaction. One thing to teach our children is how to not react violently or without thought when another person is aggravating our existence. Siblings will argue then make up its part of life. Yet applying the principle of not going to bed angry with your spouse with your children, and between siblings is an excellent way to keep friendships within the family. People come and go but a family that loves each other will always remain bonded.


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