Know How to Swim When the Current Changes!

Why do we attract the things that come into our lives? I really believe that love is a powerful force. When you breathe it in it comes out naturally. You don’t sit there telling yourself to breathe you just breathe. Now when you focus on your breathing it is when you can control it. You can inhale deeply. Or breathe in softly. You can breathe out of your nose or out of your mouth. I find that we must know when to apply these breathing techniques to life. Something’s are like the breath you take effortlessly coming to you without much thought. Other things need our attention to detail in full focus. We are frequency. We vibe with the things that resonate with us. If you are not enjoying your frequency, take the time to fine tune the circumstance. If you are enjoying the fruits of your labor keep breathing success effortlessly. If you are somewhere in between be grateful and keep working on yourself. No one is perfect and we all desire things in life. Swim happily down the stream of life knowing how to swim when the current changes.


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