How to Show Appreciation!

What does it mean to appreciate the love you get? This means that you mustn’t dissect the love you receive you should be grateful that someone thought of you. On my time on this earth I remember one birthday party. My date of entrance into this realm, is October 30th. I remember having a costume party in kindergarten. I had a terminator mask lol and my sis Eve had a horse mask. I actually have pictures somewhere hilarious 😂. Well that was the last time I had a birthday party. I have not received many gifts on my birthday since that time. I know that the gifts have been stored in heaven for the gift of life I am ever so grateful. I am also grateful whenever I have gotten a gift. To know that love was behind the thought, is how we can embrace the appreciation we should show! How do we show appreciation? Through acts of kindness and letting love pave the way. Instead of recalling a moment that disappointed us we should remember the good qualities that the person has demonstrated. Love is the answer to everything. Cook with love, draw with love, write with love, live with love.


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