The Law of Musing (my poetry book)
Get your copy of my book The Law of Musing!
Why should you get this book?
The main ingredient that I used to create this book was love. I have poured out my heart and emotions into my poetry. I share it on Instagram. Everyday I wake up and write. What will it take to see people support? Its all relative. An experiment. Life is a try a thing production. So what if nothing happens and my dream of touching many with my words doesn’t come true? Its already coming into our reality. Maybe today you are not motivated to buy from a complete stranger, but somehow maybe my words still had a influence on your day. The power of community is strong, I would love to have support for my book, but I am grateful for the attention you are extending at this very moment. Stay blessed and in good standing with your karma. Life begins in our dreams, I will continue to live mines.


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