The Father He Needs (poem)


Why he needs you
See you can teach him things about the intellect you gave to him
You can over stand his pain when I can’t
See many men leave and never look back
There’s no respect in that
they wonder why he so mad
When all he wanted was his dad
Stay in his life I plead with you
You never know what your love can do
Or what the absence of it will do
You say you never had a father too
No one to teach you and you alright
So the youngins will be fine
See I had my father for a time
Call it the best years of my life
He flew home unexpectedly
But while he was here he held me near
I thought he was superman so I never feared
Be that super hero for your seeds
See that a Father is what the children need
Be happy you were blessed to reproduce
Now put the love you have for your children to good use


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