Flowers for My Savior (poem)


Flowers for my savior
The fountain of my existence exist within him
And if I exude his presence then I’ll be saved like him
See I would never speak against the creator
He came down in different ways
He sent the light to lead the way
I’m not afraid
Jesus you are my King
For you my soul does sing
Easter bunnies are not part the story I preach
Still I see the significance of your death
I emulate the God that my heart’s reflecting
I am the seed of the golden
I am the way because I am he
See Jesus didn’t par with the judgemental goody goodies
He sought out souls who he saw potential in
He spoke to Satan in the desert
And he never bowed down because he is the Shepard
The illusion of the world still does not compare to that Kingdom pearl
From the heavens he did hurl
A ratchet beast who came to feast upon your soul
I will preach the truth the only one I know
Deceive me not for I see his throne
The glory of his manifestation
The way his hands rebuild the nations


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