Lovers of Christ Spread the Message!

Lovers of Christ let us all appreciate what it means to exude our King, see to it that you don’t let people talk you away from the Love you feel for the Savior, yes many things are missing from the bible and evil men used the bible to manipulate behavior, yet we must use discernment when exploring our belief system. Remember, all these religions were man made therefore they will always come up short in some kind of way. What Jesus came down to earth to do was to let us know that a change will come. The bible says that a million years is like one day to the creator. Don’t think that the end of this current way of life is not coming, like all things with the universe, things don’t happen when we want them to, but when we are ready for them. We pray for Gods kingdom to come, and some may be at that vibration already, and that’s great. Yet, for the souls that need more time, it is being given. If you are awake to the fact that we are shifting or may already be into a consciousness that uplifts humanity, then we must spread the message. Jesus said that the message of his kingdom coming would have to be talked about throughout the whole inhabited earth and then the end will come. This end actually being a new beginning, with peace and harmony being strongly relivant within this new earth.


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