Memorable Memories, Enjoy Life!

How should we perceive time?  It may appear to only move forward, but there are many moments that are constantly repaying in the minds of millions each and every second of the day. The replaying of memories comes with one result, and that is the stir of emotions. We always say remember that time and remember when, why are humans so inclined to hold onto our memories? It has even gotten to the point where some live their lives on TV. See memories are a intricate part of being alive. I wonder if angels sit around and reminisce? I have often stored away funny moments, scents that remind me of special people, making memories is part of living. Are we able to record our memories without them becoming stale? I believe that recording life is healthy and sharing moments is magical. I live to store memories so making the ones that count the most is a priority that I am not shifting. Everyday I include funny stories in conversations, I make my kids laugh and they do the same with me. Memorable memories now that’s the way to enjoy life.
To read more of my work check out my Instagram @musemeiammepoetry and check out the link in that bio for my book The Law of Musing. Thank you I am grateful for your time and support!


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