Tripping on Emotions!

Emotions are a trippy subject.  They are, at times, subjective, only applying to a specific individual.  Your emotions are yours to own.  I feel too much.  Always have.  Is that a bad thing?  Not really.  Yet to let your emotions lead you down paths that are corruptive in nature, is a danger that all of we should be aware of.  Sometimes we push emotions aside only by them showing up as us refusing to participate in activities we were anticipating.  Love of self  is what motivates the greats.  To see so much death, and not be moved to live, is a tragedy that should never be depicted.  We have survived many turbulent roads personal and collective ones.  Humanity is not flesh and bones, it is a heart that beats through all of our veins.  Humanity we cant let that fade.  In this day, this technological age, to you I am just a voice behind a screen, to my family I am the nucleus that they look to for support.  I am their biggest example and for me it is nothing and everything to step forward and bless them with the ability to think outside the box.  I am a dreamer, maybe that’s all I’ll ever be, but inside, instilled in me, is a will to love, and live, and this will always exist within my family. 


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