Smile It’s Tuesday! Poem

Smile it’s Tuesday!  Today I vow to use all aspects of my life as inspiration
I care not what you think
I am busy building my ship
Piling up along  the bricks
Dodging evil’s tricks
Expressing what I think
Turning negative charges into something that lives
I am no longer bound to the slavery that lingers around
Captive to a train of thought
I let go before I get lost
Amongst the crowd stood the one with loudest loud
Speaking for all to hear
Dancing without the fear
I turn what they turn down
Into my majestic crown
there’s nothing to hold me back now
I stood  in the square
Rocking my eccentric rare
Wearing garmets the never age
My God gave me this eternal age
I never praised you enough
That’s why I wake up and kiss the skies above
Because I saw a dot of light
A dream that grew before my eyes
They say I was the emotional one
But to pour out what use cause me pain  that’s the way to keep it sane
Insane are the  ones who destroy
Blessed are the ones who build upon joy
And who’s souls wait upon the Lord more than those who watch for morning
The Lord’s Psalms release my mourning
Tears that my soul cried
Upon the rivers that held the tides
My soul  won’t let my life pass me by


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