Parents, Stay Relevant in Your Child’s Life!

How can a parent stay relevant in their child’s life? I always saw parenting as a friendship. Even family I see as friendship. Over the years I have seen people be polite and nice to their friends, and vulgar with their family. The key to having a successful relationship with your child, is to treat them the same polite way you treat your friends. Don’t ignore their interest, listen to them when they speak, and if possible, accommodate their wants. Kids bring a light that no one else can offer. They see things without the filter of the worlds views, and they are people too. I promote the culture of Love. In Love we can raise productive youth that will appreciate the sacrifices when they are adults. Remember, one of the reasons we were created was to continue the process of creation. Spend as much time nurturing their talents and using words that build their self-esteem. Cut a kid break, just like you do with your friends, and never forget to tell them and demonstrate your love continuously.


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