What Qualifies Us to Receive Blessings From the Universe?

What qualifies us to receive blessings from the universe? The sun shines on all of us. Even if someone did not want to share it with you, it is available for all of us to pull from. The same way the rays of the Sun’s light is available, the channel in which blessings come is available to all of us as well. Being grateful is the gateway to getting blessed. That word grateful is the reason I can write these words today. I was grateful that God gifted me the ability to communicate in writing. I still feel grateful that I could tap into the written world like this, as words are a therapy that I won’t ever stop using. Blessings come when we start to look at the sky in a grateful manner, and bow our heads in amazement, for the the universe has painted those clouds just for you. Be grateful for the things that don’t cost a thing but are the most essential parts of life. Uplift your reality through the simple act of being grateful for the smallest details. This will
open doors that were previously locked, and allow you to receive the blessings that the universe has set up for you.  Look at the levels of gratefulness. Its like climbing up a steep hill and you are picking up your blessings as you move up the mountain. The peak of the mountain has the biggest reward, a landscape that takes your breathe away. Its the same thing figuratively. We will be blessed beyond measure, and all it took was for us to be grateful.


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