Indecision or Undecided?

So you know those type of people that enjoy every subject? I enjoy many of the subjects in this metaphorical class. Yes there is a test coming at last. I enjoy taking on new ventures so, am I undecided on who I want to be? No I know exactly who I want to be. I am a woman who commands respect and attention. With this attention I want to bring to light subjects that affect the subconscious mind of this collective mentality. I don’t know everything I might be even inclined to say I don’t know anything. Everything is perspective, I write emotions down because I might not be the only one who feels like this. It is a continuous indecision on my part to dabble into different categories of the arts, as I have realized all my life it is the arts that drives the hearts of women and men everywhere. I will continue to try a thing until I find the perfect fit for me, and even then, I will still dabble in elegant art and fine words, as richness comes from the experiences we create and embrace.
Shameless plug alert! Thank you all for reading please take time out to purchase my poetry book The Law of Musing and support the dream. Thank you from the depths of my heart sending love always…your poetess Mel


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