Let’s Have Many More Good Mornings!

Do we say good morning out of habit or do we really mean for the person to have a good morning? Do we ever say good morning to ourselves? Having a good morning is all about personal perspective. If you have to be  at work at eight in the morning, and have never enjoyed waking up so early, are you going to have a good morning? Or will you feel groggy and grumpy because you are not a morning person? Sometime we are forced to endure circumstances that drain our happiness. There are people who stay at jobs they don’t like for long periods of time. The cubicle effect in America. Chasing green paper, meanwhile our dreams are put to the back burner. I believe that we all have our parts to play. Some lock it in their brains that life is to work for another person make a little cash than die. My brain does not register this mentality. I would rather chase a dream and pull it into my reality, then Seattle, I would rather be the one who needs assistance building my dream than to assist another. Don’t get me wrong, I love encouraging others, and would gladly help to promote a brand I resonate with, but to trade in my happiness to build another’s is not part of my calling. I see myself buying that house my mom always dreamed about. I see myself having many more good mornings. See that you see your self having great mornings as well!


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