From Chinchillas to Beta Fish, life is awesome!

Today my children and I met two chinchillas named Conner and Agnes. They are for sale at the local pet shop, and my kids won’t stop talking about them. The thought of buying a pet sounds like a good idea on the surface but don’t be fooled. When you purchase a pet its like buying an additional family member. My kids are all still young so I told them we would start off slow when it came to pets. We ended up buying a Betta fish with the last five dollars of the day 🙌.  I honestly know that it is not time to buy a pet that comes with so much responsibility. We named our new pet fish Raisin the King of the Fish. We had good day. Tomorrow will be even better as its my Ali’s birthday! One day we will be ready for that chinchilla and today we are grateful to have our Raisin.


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