Maps and People!

To wake up and praise the Lord, the universe, the power of creation, that is  why we are alive. Maps and people they go hand in hand. Something like spirituality and mankind. God said that all his springs are in thee. That means that their are good souls all across the spiritual channels. Vocabulary often segregates us. I have heard the same teachings described in a variety of spiritual practices. It is the religious aspect of things that separates the people. Like lines on a map becoming metaphorical borders. I always find common ground. I am intrigued to be introduced to waves of thinking that I have never experienced before. I then use critical thinking and piece this vocabulary puzzle together. One thing I am sure of is that the truth lies in love. There are many concepts that have points that I don’t agree with, but the part about love, unity, building community, that does not escape me, to judge  is to exclude. Exclusive to my trend of thought I have not let my brain harden, I am willing to take in what I resonate with the most, and apply my best foot forward as I tread lightly upon the words that build my existence. Love will be my chisel and life will be the art.


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