I See Myself There..(Poetic Words )

Do you know my story? Do you know everything I’ve been through? There was a time in life when I was careless
I wanted to wear the dress of wreck less
Too many chains across my chest
And you don’t even see my pain
You laugh because yours and mines is one in the same
I have always been the entertainer
I write words that inspire and move
get me alone in a room
all I want to do is make you
Make you see that this life is every bit worth while.
I like to feel the breeze when we blow by trees in a car I drew in my dreams
Beside me stood what I seek redemption
Because remember I was reckless but now see past what I couldn’t
I see you there you don’t understand my glare
my flare
Tainted is never my intention
I grew sarcastic still I praise the phases that make me attractive
Sometimes I hide behind words that paint what I see. I see myself there. Every single decision has lead me here. There’s nothing left to fear. We are the ones who approach success and it is near. My pen flows so freely, I no longer wish for you to see me. I spoke many rivers the same rivers that were filled with tears. I let go of the baggage that has grown through out the years. There’s nothing left to fear except one thing. God.


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