Young Soul Love Yourself!

So did you know that your body changes as time goes on? Well everyone knows this, but not everyone understand the concept. Your body reflects your state of mind. It is the vehicle in which we choose to sport. When we are babies we absorb the world and grow accordingly. The funny thing is, when do we stop being babies? The creation story that many people relate to states that we were created to live forever. Mind set make yourself as a child and you will never stop growing. What does that mean? Children have the ability to soak in new information rapidly because the sponge has not hardened. It it constantly Moist with ideas and understands a concept without spiritual boundaries, this is because they are still building their belief system. Today I realize that I believe that a person should never let their brain harden. There are many people who feel like they know the truth. The truth is there are many perspectives that reflect personal
truths to every single individual. Love your body as it is and make the mental changes that shoot you to your highest peeks. Remember in your reality you are the dreamer, in mine I am the dreamer. In the big picture of life we are the universe. Have an honest chat with yourself that’s what prayer is all about. The realization that God is everywhere even in your soul, you will awaken and shake the core principles that have restricted your thinking. Do your own research find your own personal truth and live the dream that you choose.


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