Who cares?

I wrote  a poetry book. Who cares? I care that’s who. I am a writer, that will never change. You are my audience. When a writer writes yes it gives them pleasure to read it back, yet the pleasure really comes when your words affect others in a soothing way. I wrote a book  http://www.blurb.com/b/6911062-the-law-of-musing-winter-edition this the link where you can purchase it. I had a real nice time the other day with a good friend. I showed her my hard copy and her response was moving. She gave a genuine compliment and I am grateful that the universe sends people to reassure you that you are doing just fine. I wrote a book. Who cares?


2 thoughts on “Who cares?

  1. This is great! I will definitely check your book. I think I will also try to make my photography book with my photos on blurb. I`ve never tried this service before but why not to give it a try?


    1. Thank you its actually really convenient you can import the pictures right from your Instagram, thank you for you support. Make sure to tell a friend about my book The Law of Musing! Let me know when you make yours so I can check it out!

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