Finding Eros!

Sensual lovers everywhere learn this word Eros. In ancient Greece Eros was the name of the God of Love. Eros represents the side of love that leads to sexual and spiritual bonding. Many may perceive that Eros is just about making love to another. If applied  effectively you can use Eros to make love to life. Treat your existence like it is the soulmate you have longed for. Caress the things you love, kiss your dreams, and love your life into existence. What do I mean by loving your life into existence? I say this to demonstrate the gears that are available to us. Do you remember that feeling you get when you both know that the sensual interaction was heavenly, you can bond with life in that same manner. Sending love in the air hope some falls on you. Stay tuned for my next post describing more aspects of love, and check out the poetry @musemeiammepoetry thank you so much for reading stay blessed in love.


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