Melchizedek the Highest Form of Power

some poetry I wrote
Let the flow introduce who you already know
I have arisen again
To new heights
My name is Mel and I live in the sky
My Father is Melchizedek the Most High
I soar to the tops of mountain peaks
I zone past what I did seek
I started off a worried soul
Not knowing which way the rivers flowed not knowing which way to go
Now I open doorways
Gateways to the stars
I become immortal in my thoughts
I was gifted a rainbow a long time ago
By the sweetest soul that I will ever know
For the flames that I carry on
I speak like a vessel of the one true song
I hear his voice
I have no choice
I gave my freewill to the highest form of power
Now there’s nothing that can stop the way I reach the top
And what I ask for is to stay in the know
To tap into that akashic flow


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