Why So Sexy?

Bottom line is that sexiness is appealing. There are however, boundaries that every person that exhibits their sexuality plays with. Some people take their sexiness act and run with it, I don’t mind a classic beauty. To admire a beautiful soul is to admire one self. The divine aspect of the female perspective is what drives the creation process. I like to feel the power of sensuality, meanwhile others might find it offensive. I know that sometimes we can put on a sensual dress, and frown a little less. One thing that always intrigued me, is how nature has dressed itself in its own essence, meanwhile we souls dress ourselves with dying trends and another person’s belief system. I can’t say that I have never judged another person, but something to live by is to examine why we are judging another souls’ struggle. We all have levels to master and stairways to climb. You don’t know what makes a person dress the way they do, say the the things they say, or even why they do the things they do. The study of the mind is a beautiful depiction of art. When we understand that everything we need to thrive in the spiritual realm, and in the physical one,   has been in us all along, it is then that we begin to see the triviality of these material garments. As the universe, Jah, Jesus, Selassie, the Fountain of Life, the Holy Spirit, has demonstrated time and time again, vanity is a chasing of the wind. Love comes from within we were born in love. Often times people who hold rigid belief systems don’t realize that overly sexualized beings have tapped into the womb of sexuality. Love leads to sex, in many cases sex is the reason we fall in love. Sex is the ultimate process of creation. So why so sexy you say? It is because sex is an art form and art exudes life. Find your sexiness, keep it classically beautiful, and stay ever so blessed. Sending love in the air hope some falls on you.


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