What Drives Achievement?

For some achievement is a high that they continuously chase. For other it is failure that drives them to succeed. The thrill of seeing your hard work pay off is literally a rollercoaster ride. Your climbing slowly anticipating the drop. Your heart pounds at every stroke of the brush, or flick of the pen. Every time you open your eyes your ready to do it again. What drives achievement if not the will to survive? What drives achievement when we are all living to die? Some feel that way you know, they don’t value the time, because they think they will soon be gone. That’s why art forms are valuable to humanity. They speak about our achievements and our failures. They touch upon the highs and lows of this journey. Then when they expire people admire all that they have created. Achievement is not the paper you stack but the love you share and give back. Achievement is knowing that you didn’t just sit back. I always imagined grand things surrounded by people who didn’t see the dream. Achievement has always been my friend, I am committed to what life has to offer, and I am not afraid to build my own doorways.


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