So who’s on Snapchat?!

I guess I judged Snapchat too soon! I have officially been snapchatting for a day and half and I must say its fun! Its more intimate and you find yourself seeing the humour in the little things. I wonder if I will feel the same sentiment for blogging? I am a writer, but I haven’t really ever blogged. I wonder what makes a blog attractive? Does it all go back to promotional do’s and dont’s? I have no experience blogging, promoting, or for what its worth, snapchatting. I see in life we start off with a rough draft then fine tune the art. I guess I write on walls to be heard, sending love in the air hope some falls on you, and stay tuned, this blogging thing might not be so difficult after all…drop your Snapchat to connect to my Snapchat world!


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