Put the Guns Down Let’s Have a Crime Free Summer!

Spring is here and I can almost taste the summer breeze! Every year I want a better summer experience. Living in the city will have you hibernating, but when that warm weather comes around that’s when the fun starts! Do you know when the most crimes happen in the city? Its in the summer. Everyone comes out, people who you haven’t seen in awhile will make an appearance. Let’s be safe this summer and instead of making it a high crime rate year let’s make this summer a crime free one. Take care of each other put the guns down pick up a hobby, invest in your talent, and enjoy the sunshine! I know its a stretch, we cant get everyone to cooperate but if you love yourself and your family and friends, let’s all protect each other, give good advice when needed, and help those you love if needed.


How to Show Appreciation!

What does it mean to appreciate the love you get? This means that you mustn’t dissect the love you receive you should be grateful that someone thought of you. On my time on this earth I remember one birthday party. My date of entrance into this realm, is October 30th. I remember having a costume party in kindergarten. I had a terminator mask lol and my sis Eve had a horse mask. I actually have pictures somewhere hilarious 😂. Well that was the last time I had a birthday party. I have not received many gifts on my birthday since that time. I know that the gifts have been stored in heaven for the gift of life I am ever so grateful. I am also grateful whenever I have gotten a gift. To know that love was behind the thought, is how we can embrace the appreciation we should show! How do we show appreciation? Through acts of kindness and letting love pave the way. Instead of recalling a moment that disappointed us we should remember the good qualities that the person has demonstrated. Love is the answer to everything. Cook with love, draw with love, write with love, live with love.

Why Drink Coconut Water!

Coconut water saved my life. You know when you want to slim down and you end up on one of those diets that make you eat more because you feel deprived? Well when I started my weight loss journey after having my little darling Solomon, I did not deprive myself. I made a conscious decision to limit my intake of meat. What was satisfying me in those moments I could have pigged out? It was Jamaican Choice coconut water. It has bits of coconut in the water so its like eating while your drinking. Its sweet and definitely satisfies my palette. Along side the coconut water I picked up a hobby. They say to get over loving someone you have to fall in love with someone else, the same applies when we tend to over eat. Replace those moments of over eating with hobbies that interest you. Like writing, drawing, making jewelry, dancing, jumping rope, going for a walk through the park, taking photos of nature. There are many hobbies that can be used as a meal replacer. So drink coconut water, Jamaican Choice always, and enjoy life!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

The Law of Musing (my poetry book)

Get your copy of my book The Law of Musing!
Why should you get this book?
The main ingredient that I used to create this book was love. I have poured out my heart and emotions into my poetry. I share it on Instagram. Everyday I wake up and write. What will it take to see people support? Its all relative. An experiment. Life is a try a thing production. So what if nothing happens and my dream of touching many with my words doesn’t come true? Its already coming into our reality. Maybe today you are not motivated to buy from a complete stranger, but somehow maybe my words still had a influence on your day. The power of community is strong, I would love to have support for my book, but I am grateful for the attention you are extending at this very moment. Stay blessed and in good standing with your karma. Life begins in our dreams, I will continue to live mines.

One Stroke at a Time (poem)

Art is living through expression loving life one stroke at a time
There was a time when I should have made you mine
Still all you exude is good times
And the moments we share are locked in my mind
To live for eternity in your sunshine
That is my happy place
Seeing flashes of your lovely face
Living in your embrace
You are my love and could never fall from heaven’s grace
My heart is your everlasting resting place


Flowers for My Savior (poem)


Flowers for my savior
The fountain of my existence exist within him
And if I exude his presence then I’ll be saved like him
See I would never speak against the creator
He came down in different ways
He sent the light to lead the way
I’m not afraid
Jesus you are my King
For you my soul does sing
Easter bunnies are not part the story I preach
Still I see the significance of your death
I emulate the God that my heart’s reflecting
I am the seed of the golden
I am the way because I am he
See Jesus didn’t par with the judgemental goody goodies
He sought out souls who he saw potential in
He spoke to Satan in the desert
And he never bowed down because he is the Shepard
The illusion of the world still does not compare to that Kingdom pearl
From the heavens he did hurl
A ratchet beast who came to feast upon your soul
I will preach the truth the only one I know
Deceive me not for I see his throne
The glory of his manifestation
The way his hands rebuild the nations

Always Always be in Love! (Poem)


I want to always always be in love
I want to always always invest in us
I want to see the light that dances in your eyes
I want to be your sunrise
I’ll face you only when you give me my prize
A seed to raise upright
Baptize me in this life
For the darkness creeps up from time to time
Idle hands have no minds
Pick up the pen and write my rhymes they don’t get it
This is how I set it
Foundations dry as the concrete sets
I’m glad it was art I met
To be addicted to the inspiration
To be the muse of creation
I look pass what is left to see
I look into my infinity
And see the poet inside
Sent to open a few minds

The Father He Needs (poem)


Why he needs you
See you can teach him things about the intellect you gave to him
You can over stand his pain when I can’t
See many men leave and never look back
There’s no respect in that
they wonder why he so mad
When all he wanted was his dad
Stay in his life I plead with you
You never know what your love can do
Or what the absence of it will do
You say you never had a father too
No one to teach you and you alright
So the youngins will be fine
See I had my father for a time
Call it the best years of my life
He flew home unexpectedly
But while he was here he held me near
I thought he was superman so I never feared
Be that super hero for your seeds
See that a Father is what the children need
Be happy you were blessed to reproduce
Now put the love you have for your children to good use

In the End Keep Your Soul

Savor life. Don’t ever think that things can’t improve. Set your mentality to a can do attitude, and don’t underestimate your value. Speak your emotions through art. Find what you enjoy about living. Go to your innermost place where you hide all your insecurities, and tell yourself that you are worthy of your own love.
Keep going no matter how many try to tackle you or how many tacks you have stepped on. This winding road is all we have to claim as our own, for everything else escapes us in death, it is our soul that we keep in the end.